Tips On Camping Without Toilet

One of those things that makes camping a detestable activity for some folks is the possibility of having to camp in an area void of the toilet and I agreed that it could be challenging and worrisome especially for women, men have a high rate of survival than women and women are quite different from men.

Some men can go three days without needing to take bath or toilet and their concerns vary from each other, male concern is just what to do to clean their-selves but ladies, these questions are always running through their mind when it comes to camping in areas without toilet – do I have to forsake shower, forsake sanitizer or hand soap or forsake washing my hair too or will I leave my but on washed, relax!

Especially if you fall into this category because you are at the right place that all of your worries concerning camping without toilet will dissipate.

However, this does not hinder the fun in any way because we will give you some tips on this platform that will make you gain the mastery on how to navigate such condition and you don’t have to restrict yourself to areas with good toilet facilities.

Although that can be your preference when you just begin camping moreover, it is advisable to restrict yourself to well comfortable areas such as the caravan park when you just start camping. Nevertheless, you have to grow up and start engaging camping areas without the toilet.

General Tips on camping without toilet

If you don’t get access to toilet or shower where you camp, and you really do not have any option of toilet or shower, if you will be camping in the bush or woods, nevertheless, there are various tips lay down to help you out:

Purchase roll of toilet papers: Since there is the possibility of no toilet where you will be camping, add to your bag roll of toilet papers, at least this will help clean the body after defecating or urinating and ensure you bury it immediately after use, don’t just throw it away.

Toiletries: Also going with toiletries is not a bad idea at all. You can make use of soap or hand sanitizer after urinating or defecating to clean your hands. And if you want to smell nice after doing the needful, get a deodorant.

Get a shovel: You can do the needful in a dug hole, dig to about 30 cm with the aid of a shovel.  And make sure you bury it immediately with the toilet papers you would use to wipe your butt.

Do not dig one hole for several defecating, and ensure you do not defecate or urinate along the streams, rivers or creeks all for the sake of preserving our natural resources. And Urinating does not need a hole, you can hide behind the mountain and do what you have to do.

Water: Water is important but how do I get water while camping in a place void of good facilities? You can look for nearby river or stream to get water perhaps, fill your jerry cans and water bottles with enough water and take it along with you so to be on the safer side.

Moreover, you cannot trust the stream or river, to the extent of drinking it, it is only meant for the washing of the body, therefore you are doing yourself a great favor by going with enough water from home and of course drinkable.

And if you are capacitated you can get a “well to do” water tank.

Potty: In case you can’t defecate directly into the hole, you can make use of potty and empty the potty into the hole. It is important you empty it immediately, and if you can’t, close the lid and keep it somewhere till you have the time to empty and bury it.

Tips for women on camping without toilet

Though the general tips feed the majority of the curiosity there are also few tips that could help women when camping without toilet:

Getting anti-bacteria soapdry shampoo, a face cloth (to wash the face and hands) and a small towel will do a very good job.

You also have to gain mastery on how to use little soap and shampoo because the excess will require excess water. And you can also bring some Imodium especially if you are prone to diarrhea.

Showering is not that a big idea when you can warm your water on a campfire or stove and take a sponge bath.  If you are near a river or creek just bathe there.

You can also purchase baby wipes, yes baby wipes. It is good for adults too, such as getting rid of hair dye stains, helps in taming flyaway hairs and great for refreshing after the bath.

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