What To Bring To Camping

For maximum enjoyment and pleasure at the camp, you must go with the necessary camping gears and you have sought the nook and cranny of the internet enough for what to bring to camp because you are the right place.

You will be served with essential camping equipment. We divide them into sections from shelter to health for easy comprehension.

Camping equipment to bring to camp


Tent: You will need to shelter yourself in the outdoor so getting a good tent from one of the stores is essential. You will also need to get poles: the pole will help hold the tent.

The footprint is also essential to bring along, it aids the stoppage of waters from getting into the tent.

Others that fall into this category include tarp, hammer, stakes or poles and tent mat for entrance.


Sleeping bag: You have to select sleeping bags based on preference because it comes in different sizes, weights, and it is also designed to handle different temperatures.

However, we will tip you on how to select a sleeping bag that best suits you; a 3-season type of sleeping bag would give you an opportunity of adjusting to any weather type.

Sleeping pad: For more comfortability, I will suggest you get a sleeping pad.  A Sleeping pad is placed between your sleeping bag and ground, and it comes with thermal insulation to keep your body warm.

When choosing a sleeping pad, go for an air-filled pad. The air filled pad is relatively light. Also when purchasing a sleeping pad, go for a higher R-value sleeping pad. And coupled with thicker and wider sleeping pad- you are a guarantee of more comfortability as well as warmth.

Others include blankets, pillow, and air pump.


Stove: A need to prepare a meal or make tea or coffee for breakfast at the campsite can be achieved on a two-burner propane camp stove.

However, you can also make use of campfire to take care of your heating but ensure you go through the safety measures outlined for campfire.

Also, go with a fire starter and fuel.

Eating utensils and plates: you will surely need your plates and eating utensils such as forksknives and spoons to take care of your cooking and consumption so consult your kitchen in time for necessaryknivesspoons and forks that can journey with you to the camp and is not necessarily you go with your fine utensils.

Also go with at least two washing bowlscrubber, and liquid soap to take care of the cleaning of the utensils and plates.

Pots: All round bottom pots are good for camping but I will advise you go for Dutch oven pots.

A Dutch oven is made of a thick surface covered with a close-fitting lid and it slow things down to preserve the flavor and integrity of your ingredients and with a Dutch oven, your recipes will thrive well also with that deep bowl and a domed lid that retains moisture into the dish.

It is also good for frying in case you need to fry because is not advisable to fry on a pan at campground especially if you will be using a campfire.

Taking along Pressure cooker will also be nice because of its accuracy and speed in getting food done in a moment.

You can also take along liquid soappalm oil or ashes or the combination of the three to ease washing of your pots especially if you prefer campfire as your source of heat.

Cooler:  getting a nice thicker insulation will make your icing lasts longer.


Flashlight: You will need a source of light to lighten up the campsite.

Going along with a flashlight will be a good idea to navigate the campsite but a headlamp too will be nice, at least it doesn’t have to follow you everywhere you go, it can be fixed in one position and yet brighten the whole campsite.

Others include lanterns and extra bulb or battery.


First aid kit: Apart from the conventional materials such as bandages, plaster that make up your first aid kit, include these followings: insect repellant, Aspirin, antibiotics, Imodium, tissues, razor blades, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, gloves, anti-bacterial soap, scissors, eye drops, sun screen and first aid handbook.

Others also worthy of taking to camp are: sun glasses, maps, whistle, military or pocket knife, camp chairs, umbrella, shovel, fire extinguisher, magazine, watch, tea bags or coffeeand travel alarm clock

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