Camping For Beginners

Exploring the outside world with your family or loved ones brings you close to nature and also grants you the opportunity to have a quality moment with your loved ones. A quality time you may not get under the roof where everyone is busy with one or two things and no time for each other.

So camping will bring you together in unison and also allow you to spend some quality time together.  Moreover, camping comes with health benefits such as reduction in stress level- engaging nature brings total calmness to your being, it decreases depression, and it improves your cognitive abilities.

So Camping is great for everyone to engage, including beginners.  However, it can be challenging for beginners as well as causing anxiety and worry especially when you are not used to the outside world, well, that is why we are here, to help you with some tips that can make you start your camping with little or no stress and make it worthwhile as well.

Tips for camping for beginners

Choose a campsite near you

Don’t go too extreme, like camping in the woods when kick-starting your camping experience.

To begin, look for a high-quality campground near you, high-quality in the sense that the environment must be serene, friendly and contain good facilities such as good toilets and showers and also a nice store to meet your immediate needs such as food and other supplies.

To get a place to camp- you can contact your national park authority for updates on parks availability and private campgrounds can be found on the internet or through Google map search.

And in case you are interested in camping at a caravan park, inquire early for costs and availability and booking ahead is such a good idea. This not just apply to caravan park also other campgrounds –is good to book early so as to avoid stories that touch.

Practice setting up your tent

Don’t assume you can do it or you will do it when you get to the campsite. Try practice pitching your tent before hitting the campsite. This will make you perfect in it and at the same time help to combat any difficulty that may arise when setting up the tent immediately.

Also, ensure the tent is in proper shape before hitting the camp because if difficulty arises in pitching the tent you may not get the help you need at the camp so is very important you practice setting up your tent at home before going for camp.

Setting up your campsite

When setting up your campsite, you have to take cognizance of the ground and the debris- ensure your ground is flat also ensure you clear the debris before setting up the tent.

Set up the tent against the wind- this will offer more stability to the tent also set the pole at angle 45 to each other.

Make the essential list of camping equipment

So not to forget anything behind ensure you have a list of all camping equipment you will be taking to the camp and cross each after they have been taken care of.

Discuss with people about it

You can create a discussion forum for people in your neighborhood or family that has gone wide when it comes to camping in order to share with you their experience with camping.

However do not let anyone discourage you or confuse you, camping is fun. The idea of talking about it to others is just to get intimate with camping from their words.

Tips on meal planning for camping

It is necessary to plan your meal before hitting the camp, don’t say you will take care of it at the camp-plan your meal at home.

Your meal plan can go thus- dinner taking care of on the way to camp, prepare breakfast and take snacks for lunch depending on your personal preference. And do not take anything heavy throughout your camping exercise.

You can go with some fresh food (ensure you iced them), snacks and tea or coffee. Also, go along with dustbin to take care of your dirt.

Tips on wears for camping

Do not go camping with your nice attractive dress, go with your rugged dresses like jean and also rugged shoes. You might want to take along raincoat, warm jacket, long gown (for ladies) and socks to take care of night cold.

Essential camping gears


I guess you will need to shelter yourself in the outdoor so getting a good tent from one of the stores is essential. You will also need to get along the tent, poles: the pole will help hold the tent.

The footprint is also essential in impeding waters from getting into the tent.

Sleeping bag

You have to do some selection preference in selecting sleeping bags because it comes in different sizes, weights, and also designed to handle different temperatures.

Sleeping Pad

For more comfortability, get a sleeping pad.  A Sleeping pad is placed between your sleeping bag and ground and it comes with thermal insulation to keep your body warm.


I know you would want to ice some of the things like food, drinks you would be taking to camp so getting a nice thicker insulation cooler will do the magic because it makes ice last longer.


You will need a source of light to lighten up the campsite.

Going along with a flashlight will be a good idea to navigate the campsite but a headlamp too will be nice.


You might want to prepare a meal or make tea or coffee for breakfast at the campsite and of course, you will need a stove, a two-burner propane camp stove can do the magic.

Nevertheless, if you are familiar with a making-of camping fire, you can as well make use of campfire to take care of your heating but ensure you go through the safety measures outlined for a campfire. Also, remember to go with a fire starter and fuel.

Eating utensils and plates

You will surely need your plates and eating utensils such as forks, knives, and spoons to take care of your cooking and consumption so consult your kitchen in time for necessary knives, spoons and forks that can journey with you to the camp and is not necessarily you go with your fine utensils.

Also remember to go with at least two washing bowl, scrubber, and liquid soap to take care of the cleaning of the utensils and plates.


All round bottom pots are good for camping but I will advise, you go for Dutch oven pots.

It is also good for frying in case you need to fry because is not advisable to fry on a pan at a campground and is also very okay on the campfire.

A pressure cooker will also be nice because of its accuracy and speed in getting food done in a jiffy.

And remember to add liquid soap or palm oil or ashes or the combination of the three to your pot so to ease washing of the pots.

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