Camping How To Keep Warm- Tips and Tricks

To keep warm while camping, especially, during the winter season is the top most priority of every camper, and we can’t forgo camping, because of the possibility of getting cold.

Although, cold in the camp can be difficult to manage, however, enough preparation (what to bring along and what to wear) before hitting the woods or parks will minimize the cold. Besides the preparation, it is also good to have the knowledge of some tips that can help you keep warm while camping.

Tips to keep warm while camping


When leaving for camping remember to go along with the essential clothing; don’t assume the weather will be favorable. Go along with your pairs of socks and fleece.

Ensure you have a separate dress for sleeping because you can tell, what the day will look like and sleeping with a wet clothing is never a good idea, in fact do not wear the cloth you wore during the day, a little sweat could mean so much to attract cold in the night.

An extra sock is not a bad idea, and when dress to kill the cold, start with wool underwear, it will adjust based on the temperature-retains heat when cold and release cool air when hot, and you can crown it with fleece and pants as middle layer.

Don’t let the clothing be too tight, not to reduce the insulation thereby making it difficult to stay warm. You can as well go with thermal clothing, extra blankets, hand warmer and head gear.

Get a tent

To curb the menace of cold, purchase a 4-season type of tent– it does not only shelters you, it also helps keep you warm.

Eat and drink something hot

Before sleeping try keep your body by warm by taking a hot hearty meal with hot coffee or tea.


Campfire will keep you warm however, stick to the campfire rules, do not make campfire near your tent and ensure you put out the campfire completely before sleeping.

Pee when necessary

There is no point in holding your pee when in actual fact it needs to be release, little did you know that peeing while cold is very good, in fact you need to do it more frequently, because, it keeps your body at stable temperature for, waste product keep your bladder warm.

So head straight out of the tent to do the needful when nature come begging. However, if it will be hard for you to go outside to pee, you can use a pee bottle, if you are a male. Ladies can also use it, but there is a technique to it- use stand up or SaniGirl as a funnel to direct your urine into the bottle. You can as well purchase a disposable urinal bags.

Get a good Sleeping bag

Don’t be modest when purchasing a sleeping bag, if possible break the bank and acquire an excellent sleeping bag, is all for the sake of keeping you warm while camping. You can as well purchase sleeping bag liner for extra comfort and insulation.  However, is not the end of the world if you do not have a sleeping bag, you can take cognizance of other tips to keep you warm while camping.

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