Tips Camping With Your Dog

Camping with family, loved ones are all good, nice and straightforward but with your dog is a different ball game that requires the different approach.

Therefore to feed your curiosity on how you can camp with your dog, we have provided on this page tips that will make camping with your dog less stressful, fun-filled and worthwhile.

Tips on how to camp with your dog

Book a friendly camping site

Not all campsites are dog-friendly, therefore, doing a proper homework to pinpoint a dog-friendly campsite should be your number one priority.

You can consult the national park authority of your state for necessary information on places dogs are allowed for camping and therules that guide camping with your dog in that particular area. And you cannot assume the same rules for each state because the rules differ from each state.

You don’t really have many options in the backcountry because only a few of the national parks do accept dogs. On the flip side, developed areas at the front country allow dogs for camping. Also, a good number of states and local parks have trails for dogs to engage.

Furthermore, Consulting your country or state webpage for necessary information relating to camping with your dog will do you good. Also booking ahead a campsite is such a nice idea.

Bring along necessary documents on your dog

Ensure you have up to date document on your dog, update their license and Id tag if it needs updating. Also, go with necessary documents that authenticate the up to date vaccination of your dog.

Make provision for your dog

When leaving for camp, make provision for everything your dog will need just like homes such as dog bowl, ground meal, and water.

In case you will engage hiking having a dog pack will be a good idea and do some research on dog hiking before involving your dog.

Practice camping at home

Before you hit the campsite engage some preliminary camping activities so to prepare yourself and the dog for the journey ahead.

For example, familiarize your dog with sleeping in the tent with you, you can pitch your tent outside your home with your sleep bag just to make her familiar with the camp arrangement also to see if your dog find it comfortable to sleep with you under the tent because it is advisable to make your dog your companion always.

Even if you will be sleeping in the car, your dog has to sleep with you, and if your dog reacts unseemly, you will know you have a work to do and is good for you because you won’t have to fix the problem at the campsite. Also making your pet sleep with you will make them feel comfortable and safe.

Go with a leash

Don’t assume your dog will act well without a leash. Moreover, some campgrounds restrict dogs to a certain environment, which will warrant tying your dog to a particular spot.

Also going around with a leash when trailing will also be a great idea, a situation may occur that you will need to restrain her to a spot.

First aid kit

Remember to pack your dog first aid kit as you are packing yours.

Animals too can have injuries so is essential you go with the pet first aid kit and it can be purchased at the nearest pet store. Also, read on how to take care of pets during emergency situations.

Take along dog poop bag

As you engage the outdoors, environment sustainability should be your utmost concern. Leaving dog wastes behind could harm the environment- bacteria and parasites that arise from dog waste can pollute the soil and water sources, the dog waste also encourages the growth of noxious weeds.

Therefore taking along a dog poop bag is such a great idea to preserve our environment.

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