How Many Type Of Fishing

Not same as camping, fishing is a great water sport to explore especially with loved ones. So for your next vacation, you might consider taking your Speargun with your wetsuits intact to engage freshwater fishingsalt water fishingpaddleboard fishingice fishing or fly fishing.

There are various types of fishing you can engage with your family or loved ones with your Spearguns as well as your wetsuits depending on how you like the water or perhaps you want to catch a game by using a bait as well enjoy the view of the fish flying to catch your bait.

And if you are compatible with the extreme temperature of the winter period then consider ice fishing or if physicality mix with fun is your goal then paddle boarding fishing is your choice.

Irrespective of your desired adventure game, choice of water and skills you are sure to meet a type of fishing that befits you. All that is needed is to have the specified gears for your type of fishing, such as fishing hook, weighted lines, fins, reels, and fish knife, spearguns, wetsuits.

Different types of fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Consider freshwater fishing if you are a new angler. Freshwater fishing is a type of fishing that can be done in any of the freshwater bodies such as lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

Freshwater boasts of many types of fish to Speargun with your wetsuits on, from bass, salmon, walleye, crappie to musky.  In fact, freshwater fish constitutes about 4% of the total fish on our planet. So you have lots of game to catch with your family from the boat, shore or bridge

Saltwater fishing

Saltwater fishing gives opportunities for both beginners and expert anglers to engage.

A beginner angler has shallow game to catch such as sea trout, red drum, sockeye salmon and other species of redfish from a boat or from the shore.  While an experienced angler will have the opportunity of going deep to catch games like tuna. In general, saltwater fishing gives the opportunity to Speargun small and big games with an essential technique and the necessary gears such as wetsuits and fins. Look for a wetsuits to keep your body warm at fishing.

Paddleboard Fishing

Paddle boarding is the mixture of fun with physicality. The conventional boats for fishing only permit sitting to engage fishing, while, paddle boarding permits standing to fish. Moreover, you will have a better view of the water body when you stand compared to when you sit on boat. However, it requires physicality but the fun that come with it, is incomparable.

Fly fishing

Get your fly rod, a weighted line or other fly lures then fix a bait fish or insect on it and dip it inside the water then wait gently for few minutes you are sure to see a fish dangling on the rod that can curtail her urge for food.

You can enjoy fly fishing on mountain streams, salt water, ponds and lakes to catch different kinds of fish such as salmon and trout, with the essential fly fishing techniques, and tools such as rods, reels, lines and hooks.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing connotes fishing in the winter times when the ponds, lakes, or rivers are getting frozen. Ice fishing is lovely but you have to learn its techniques as well be familiar with the ice fishing gears such as wetsuits, ice clothing, Speargun, ice fishing rods and chisels.


Different types of fishing such as freshwater, saltwater, paddleboard, fly, and ice fishing require different techniques and fishing gears which must be learned before engaging. So choose your favourite type of fishing and master the techniques that it entails alongside the specified fishing gears.