Becoming Something Different

There are many ways to look at life, and if you can simply change your mental attitudes about it then you will experience an alternative reality in which you will be more likely to participate in these different things that will allow you to move into a new realm of existence and personal freedom.  A good thing to realize about the different things that are taking place in your daily life is that they are only temporary, and if you are going to fit this thing into your life then you will have to engage in these different forms of thinking without holding back.  If you are trying to hold yourself back from these facts and circumstances that are taking place in your life then you will likely lack the mental attitudes necessary to overcome these challenges that you will certainly face, although you may find it difficult to sustain this mental faculty.  The best way to achieve a positive mental state is to constantly remind yourself of the good times that are sure to come ahead and that you will not always exist in this state of current neutrality that you are now sitting in.  You have not become a stationary object, and you are moving into a new state of intellectual and physical freedom that you have never experienced before.   Yes, you are somewhat grounded because of certain external stimuli that are holding you to a certain degree of existence, but you also possess and internal reserve of power that will enable you to break these psychological chains that appear to hold you hostage in your current situation.

If you will only keep persisting and moving in the direction of your goals then you will be able to overcome this mental laziness that has infected your mind and made it difficult to persevere through these hard times.  Sure, you may not own your own house or car at this moment in time, but if you keep working hard on your business then you will see that the benefits will be tremendous, as there will be many rewards to come in these future months.  You must always continue to press on and keep your head above water so that you are achieving the desire of your dreams and you are constantly moving in the direction of your goals.  The thing that is going to change your mind is the type of attitude that you are forming about the situations that are taking place in your life.  If you are going to become the person that is able to take charge of his own life then you need to really sit down and think things out.  It is difficult to think when you are constantly surrounded by places and things that act as constant distractions that are taking you out of the realm of achieving your goals.  When you are constantly thinking of different ways to achieve your goals, you can come up with plans and action steps that will continue to advance you into the next stage of your plan.  The interesting thing about goal setting is that most of the time you will at least come a little bit closer to your goal and not remain stationary.  If you continue to advance yourself and work on yourself then you will surely begin to experience a new level of life that will make you appreciate the small things that you have and want to gain more experience so that you can become more capable of achieving the things that you desire.

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